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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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lady delivers a special kiss. this weekend.... cardinals fans can step aboard the "sunday night football' bus.we are going to take a tour in 12 minutes. well, everything else from the '90s is getting rebootedso now some news for all you... planeteers ???adlib & toss jimmy
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new this morning... chaos in central phoenix.a fight breaks out in a parking lot... there's an a-r 15 rifle... and in the end a woman runs over two 12's bryan west is live trying to sort
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hot headlines across the valley....investigators tell 12 news that a huge fire at an apartment complex under construction in gilbert last
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case of arson... and reward of up to 30-thousand dollars for finding the person responsible. eight buildings were destroyed and damage estimate is over ten million dollars.. a former m-m-a fighter accused in a rape case is scheduled for court this morning. rodolfo ramirez is facing a lot of serious charges including sexual assault and kidnapping. last month he allegedly assaulted a women in old town scottsdale. court documents say ramirez picked up a passed out womalu her to an old town scottsdale parking garage and sexually assaulted her inside. a former mesa police officer arrested for second degree murder.12 news will have a reporter in the courtroom for today's hearing.former officer... phillip brailsford... stands accused of shooting an unarmed man.the trial is set to begin in may of next year. this afternoon... an american flag that has become an iconic image of the 21st century is in arizona.this picture was
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september 11th terror attacks the flag, which was raised above the rubble of the world trade center, will fly in front of the arizona state capitol will be raised by new york city firefighters at two o'clock. ???adlib traffic???adlib
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traffic in just a little more than two weeks we will find out if arizona turns blues... or stays red.first lady michelle obama held a rally thursday at the phoenix convention center. the first lady's visit to phoenix followed clinton clinton and bernie sanders earlier this week in arizona. yesterday on 12 today... we introduced you to a glendale family that was going to the event.their goal... to get their children into the first lady's is team 12's joe dana.
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it appears the first lady's team saw jarvis on 12 today yesterday morning with jen....and they wanted to make sure jarvis's family got a moment with the first lady after her speech. (toss to the morning juice) big news this morning for nintendo fans... the company has unveiled its new gaming console... the "nintendo the console...
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inch tablet with two detachable controllers. to play on your living room t-v.... you take off the controllers and slide the tablet into a docking station. to pay on the go -- you take the tablet out of the dock... and slide the two controllers into the sides of the switch. unfortunately ... the new gaming console will "not" be out in time for the holidays... the launch is scheduled for march of next year. sorry... that'll be stuck in your head for the rest of the of the 90s... get this... leonardo dicaprio is reportedly getting all the gears in motion to create a ?movie? version of the old cartoon know the one... 5 kids have magical rings, each control a natural
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and summon captain planet who helps them fight against environmental evil.and if you're thinking -- why leo?he is known in his circles for being a big environmentalist who often speaks out on issues such as global warming. time for your juicy question of the morning. studies show that a majority of children can't stand when their parents do this. we have proof that tram has done this.
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ahead on 12 today....the sunday night football bus journeys across the country to bring fans closer to america's we are going onto the bus in just a couple minutes. after a night of laughs and handshakes..... donald trump and hillary clinton prepare for a final blitz through battleground states. ####break#### as if you need a reminder.... the cardinals host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football.we have special pregame coverage starting at 3 coverage special we have sunday night seahawks on host the the cardinals as if you need
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####break#### ####break#### ####break####
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as if you need a reminder.... the cardinals host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football.we have special pregame coverage starting at 3 o'clock on 12 news... then after the game, watch 12 sports tonight overtime for all the live post game coverage from the stadium.. the sunday night football bus is already in town.jay taylor has left the studio this morning... and is live over in
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don't forget... we want to send you to the game.cardinals fans -- you can win two free tickets to see the sunday night football by sticking with us this morningwe are going to give two tickets away
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it was a bit awkward to say the least.hillary clinton and donald trump sharing the same stage... but not
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for the white house heads over the next two weeks. plus a parent alert... especially for moms.the risk you don't know about... when you decide to share pictures of your children on facebook.
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donald trump and hillary clinton blitz battleground states today.. but shared awkward jabs last night. it was supposed to be a charity dinner designed to lighten up recent political discourse. team 12's edward lawrence reports how it was a chance
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today donald trump has three events in both north carolina and pennsylvania. hillary clinton will be at a rally in cleveland, ohio.
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there were more reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the u-s last year ... than ever before.a new report from the c-d-c reveals chlamydia was the most common s-t-d in 2015 ... affecting one-point-five million people. experts say reduced funding has caused many free clinics to close ... leaving fewer places for people to go for advice and treatment. the more time your kids spend using their digital devices ... the less likely a brown university study found kids who spent two to four hours a day on digital media ... had 23-percent lower odds of finishing their homework ... compared to those who spent less than two hours a day. although social media can be a great way to share the successes of our children -- parents need to be careful about including too much information. researchers at the university of florida remind parents to protect their child's online identity by knowing the privacy
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your children's feelings before posting about them. their digital identity will follow them through college and as they enter the job if you post something this cute... just be careful next on 12 today.... bad boys whatcha going to do.when a suspect tries to run... it's time for valley officer to chase him down. plus severe weather alert.our monsoon is over... but this massive storm has left many people back east... in the
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can thank politics.why donald trump is making janet jackson
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it's going to be it's going to be a yoga pants
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a women ready to protest a man who made some comments about the article of clothing. plus... a shift in demand. the difference arizona's largest electricity company is seeing thanks to rooftop solar panels.and she's already playing the super bowl. today... is the anticipation is over.lady gaga drops a new album. right now... check out this severe weather video.this morning... winds have knocked out power in parts of pennsylvania .a gas s the town of lamar served as a shelter from the storm for some drivers.that is until lighting knocked out the power. the wet weather is expected to continue throughout the day.jimmy... thankfully we don't have anything like this coming towards the valley ???adlib weather


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